Coffee & Whiskey tantalized your mind and your heart and maybe some other bits in 2018:

April 7: Ghost Walks Into a Bar, by Mora Harris
Oh, Connor’s Bar and Comedy Club is a hub of paranormal activity, especially when it’s Ghost Comedy Night, and especially since the shooting. A group of lonesome ghosts puzzles through the tasks they must perform in order to move on, over fancy old school cocktails and depressing stand up routines. In the middle of it all, Ivy, the one breather of the bunch, must make a choice between joining the ghosts permanently in the Ghost World or coming back to the land of living.

November 4: Montgomery, by Stephen Brown
Megan is fourteen years old. Megan lives in a small town in Texas. She hates country music, and especially hates singer Rick Montgomery.
Larry is Megan’s dad. Larry is a cop. He loves Megan more than anything in the world, but Megan doesn’t seem to respect him very much.
Megan (along with her best friend Kimmy) has concocted a foolproof plan to rob Rick of a prized possession during his next concert—but things don’t go as planned, and their simple theft somehow ends up a kidnapping. As the girls attempt to evade the long arm of the law (and dad), songs will be sung, secrets will be revealed, people will be shot, and Megan will find that exacting revenge is harder than it sounds.