We presented another fine selection of new plays for your enjoyment and edification in 2017:

March 25: The Letter G, by Conor McShane
Children’s entertainer “Uncle” Lou Taminski’s TV show has fallen on hard times. Ratings are flagging, and his daughter/producer Elizabeth is struggling to keep the show relevant. In desperation, Lou decides to make an on-air announcement that will dramatically affect both the show and the lives of everyone involved. Struggling with protests, internal strife, and an unsympathetic station head, Uncle Lou finds that sometimes, being yourself means giving up who you thought you were.

July 22: Nassau County, by Stephanie Grilo
When the head of a family passes, secrets have a way of tumbling out. As sisters Patty and Vicky prepare for their father’s funeral, long buried memories surface as their mother’s mental health declines. Three generations of women are faced with the ghosts that haunt their family as they try to make sense of a life that no is not what they thought it was.

November 4: Falling Slanted, Sad and Crazy, by Chelsea Sutton
In a feed shop in Jurupa Valley, California, somewhere along the 91 freeway, Kara is trying to find her own place in the world – which is definitely not here. Helping her brother Danny do one last job for their aunt/small-time-crime-boss Berdie, things do not go as smoothly as it should, and the sky above them seems to be literally falling.
Falling Slanted, Sad and Crazy is a dark comedy about a kidnapping gone bad, dead crows, and Twinkies.