The Year of the Monkey proved to be wicked awesome for the Script Pub! We sharpened our focus, rolling out three new shows this year. Here’s the lineup for 2016:

April 18: The Boy Who Fell, by Wren Graves
Nicky tries to be good. Nicky really likes Bree. But sometimes Nick has trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality, and his friends don’t help.
The Boy Who Fell is a tale of weddings, voyeurism, monsters and magic, about a shy little boy and what happens when he sees something he shouldn’t have seen.

July 9: Companions, by Bob Koester
Solitary astronauts command automated space stations orbiting distant stars, alone except for their AI computer systems. When the astronauts find a way to exchange interactive messages across the light years using their AI’s, the connections they create take on a life of their own– and might be the key to humanity’s survival.
Companions is an exploration of individuality and interdependence, the blurring line between man and machine, and the ways in which the stories we tell define us in an age of virtual reproduction.

October 29: Air Space, by Tori Keenan-Zelt
As Glory and Kyle try to flip a falling-down house in an abandoned neighborhood, they discover that the evicted owners have been living secretly in a hollowed-out wall.
Air Space is a surreal comedy about what happens when a new generation tries to build something from the broken pieces another generation hasn’t given up yet.