The Coffee & Whiskey Script Pub was once again open for business in 2015, and we got to perform some truly amazing shows! Here’s what we did:

February 2: Collectible, by Matt Diel
Gerda and Carl had a perfect marriage… until they came into the picture. When Carl’s Pez collecting hobby begins to affect their relationship, Gerda tries to pretend nothing is wrong. When she begins to suspect Carl of infidelity, however, she can’t look away any longer. But Gerda’s drive to discover the truth spirals out of control, sending her careening down a path of obsession and paranoia, to a place where truth and madness and candy all taste the same.
Collectible is a darkly comic and slightly absurd play about marriage, obsessions, and the unsettling fact that you can never truly know the inner workings of another person’s mind– even the ones closest to you.

April 20: The Gay Milonga, by Lou Clark
Jonathan has been captured, tortured, and hidden in a secret location by the government. Roberto, his partner, rescues him, and together they make their escape.
Decades earlier in Argentina, Roberto’s mother, Amalia, teaches a beautiful young American dancer how to tango, and they fall in love at The Gay Milonga.
Entwined throughout these stories, the blind poet Jorge Luis Borges connects past and present in teh space between as Amalia, Jonathan, and Roberto try to save their lives and outrun history.

June 29: Oberon Springs, by Michael Erickson
When recent med school grad Jennifer Maynard returns to her girlhood home of Oberon Springs, Missouri, to take over the rural medical practice of her beloved aunt Cassandra, she is shocked to discover a very sick and very angry community. Cassandra’s investigations of the links between area agribusiness pollution and rising rates of birth defects has put her in direct conflict with the people she is trying to help. As Jennifer discovers just how bad the physical and psychic health of the community is, she must also come to terms with her own past, her loyalty to her aunt, her own unborn child, and how much she is willing to sacrifice to her less-than-grateful patients.

October 19: Love, Loss, Lammasu, by Nic Wehrwein
The Lamassu is an isolated resort with a storied past, filled with as many celebrities and political figures as there are trees in the forest surrounding it– which is to say, a whole lot. Both figurative and literal ancient history are at play as the Lamassu’s new owner, Cameron, and longtime caretaker Jesus, host their first guests. Walter, Abe, Kelsey, and Phillip are in for a weekend none of them will ever forget, as the weather worsens, the power is knocked out and secret intentions and hidden agendas are revealed.

December 14: The Coffee & Whiskey 2015 Holiday Shindig and Ten-Minute Play Fest
Featuring six new holiday-themed plays:

  • Friendsgiving by Zee Echo Eskeets
  • The Ride Home by Drew Morrison
  • The Phone Call by Casey Mraz
  • Off-Peak by Georgina Escobar
  • Department ’56 by Stephanie Grilo
  • The Night Amelia Earhart Came to Visit by Adam R. Burnett