The Script Pub

The Script Pub is our bread and butter. We present new plays, semi-staged and script-in-hand, and then we sit down and chat. No “moderated talkback”, no pre-fab questions, just an honest and open discussion of the play, had in the best way– over drinks.


Coffee & Whiskey presents: Falling Slanted, Sad and Crazy, by Chelsea Sutton
Directed by Nic Wehrwein

In a feed shop in Jurupa Valley, California, somewhere along the 91 freeway, Kara is trying to find her own place in the world – which is definitely not here. Helping her brother Danny do one last job for their aunt/small-time-crime-boss Berdie, things do not go as smoothly as it should, and the sky above them seems to be literally falling.
Falling Slanted, Sad and Crazy is a dark comedy about a kidnapping gone bad, dead crows, and Twinkies.

Saturday, November 4th, 1:00pm
The Cornservatory, 4210 N. Lincoln Ave.
$5  (includes beer, coffee, and snacks)