Karaoke Night at Al Capone’s House of Pacakes!

In a world darkened by heartbreak, where sadness reigns… where there ain’t no sunshine… where doves cry…

It’s been months since the break-up, and it still doesn’t make sense. They were in love for so long, and then suddenly, poof! It was over.
Well, technically it wasn’t a poof so much as a pile of bad choices and petty resentments, topped with poor communication and a fear of commitment. But we digress.
This poof, like many others of its kind, resulted in a contentious breakup and the dividing up of things, like friends and couches and favorite karaoke joints. The problem is, there’s only one karaoke joint, and no one wants to give it up. Now, the fickle finger of fate has placed them in the same room, on karaoke night, destined to rediscover something they thought lost forever. Welcome to Karaoke Night!

Presenting Coffee & Whiskey’s first fully-realized original show, Karaoke Night at Al Capone’s House of Pancakes!
At: the Greenhouse Theatre
May 25 – June 11
Thurs/Fri/Sat @ 8pm, Sun @ 3pm
Tickets: https://www.greenhousetheater.org/karaokenightatalcapones