Current Season

It’s been quieter than usual this year at Coffee & Whiskey. We’ve focused a bit more on firming up the back end– the glutes of the theatre, if you will– and also delved into some new things, like producing our new super cool side project Welcome to Sentir Le Gant. Fear not, dear friends– just because we’re not quite as loud and boisterous, that doesn’t mean we aren’t working on bringing you the awesome! Stay tuned!
For more details about the Script Pub selections, head on over yonder.

Here’s what we have for you in 2019:

Coffee & Whiskey Presents: Welcome to Sentir Le Gant, a bimonthly live comedy series and variety show
at The Den Theatre, 1331 N Milwaukee Ave
Select Saturdays @ 10:30pm

The Coffee & Whiskey Script Pub Presents: The Sound, by Amy Crider
Directed by Matt Diel
Saturday, July 13 @ 2pm, at Voice of the City,  3429 W Diversey Ave

The Coffee & Whiskey Annual Holiday Variety Show 4: Not Making a Die Hard Reference, the 4th one was Terrible, I mean Really
TBA, some time in December