Our Mission

Conversation is our root; it is the core principle that guides us at Coffee & Whiskey. Have a seat, have a drink, let’s talk, that’s who we are. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, but we know that the conversations we have with each other must always be open and honest if they are to be productive. And sometimes honest conversations are angry and uncomfortable and even hurtful. They can burn. Sometimes, they must. But for them to be productive, everyone must have an equal voice. We must listen as much as we speak. Listening is the beginning of dialogue—if we don’t listen, we can’t truly respond. We can’t learn.

Coffee & Whiskey affirms the right of all people to be safe; to be seen; to be heard. We believe in the power of the Conversation, and in its power to change the world. We resolve to be a safe space for all people to express themselves—not always a comfortable space, and sometimes a challenging space, but always safe. Our mission has always been pretty simple—to make the best damn theatre we can. We aim to entertain, of course, but more importantly, we want to have the big-C Conversations. So come as you are, and fuck all the people who say you can’t, or shouldn’t. Raise your voice above theirs and join us.