Anything and Always…

Coffee & Whiskey Productions is proud to present the World Premiere of anything & always…, by Nic Wehrwein

Endings are sad, beginnings are exciting, the middle is a dance. In the beginning, Courtney dies. In the beginning, Art grieves – the start of the journey is the start of acceptance. Told in fragmented timelines of past and present anything and always… dives into two interwoven narratives: Art and Courtney’s story of connection and unavoidable loss expressed through love, forevers and their passion for punk music, and the narrative of reflective memory as the painful catapult towards acceptance. Together, the narratives meet to tell the story of a relationship affected by devastating news, told with provocative humor, through the eyes and mouths of real people, dealing with a real problem. Above everything else, it’s a story not about a disease, but about undying, unyielding and unconditional love.

Directed by Matt Diel
Featuring Michelle Alejandra Limon & Wesley James

October 12-29, 2017, at the Greenhouse Theater
Thu-Sat @ 8pm, Sun @3pm

a portion of all ticket sales will be donated to the Young Survival Coalition :